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Having Your Wedding At The Deep Cut Gardens, Middletown, NJ

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Briana and Jose chose to have their intimate wedding ceremony and wedding portraits at the Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ. Keep reading to know about our experience and what to prepare for when you're having your ceremony at this location.

bride and groom wedding photos at the deep cut gardens in middletown new jersey
Wedding portraits at The Deep Cut Gardens

bride and groom wedding ceremony at the deep cut gardens in middletown new jersey

Having Your Ceremony

Having your ceremony at the Garden is a very affordable and beautiful option for your wedding day. The park itself offers enough scenery that you wouldn't need to spend money on a lot of decorations. Briana and Jose chose to have their ceremony underneath a really large tree that is seen in the photo to the right. The only piece of decor that they added to their ceremony was a hoop arch.

This particular location under the tree is gorgeous but it can be a little difficult if you have a lot of guests and if you have older guests in the family that use wheel chairs. The guests did not have chairs so they were standing on the stairs. The ceremony was not a lengthy one so chairs did not seem necessary, If you're going to have elderly guests at your ceremony at the gardens, I would recommend to bring foldable chairs for them. There are many other locations at the gardens to have your ceremony so definitely make a visit over there and take a few photos of what it could look like to have a ceremony set up. Also practice walking down the aisle and think of where you would want your guests to stand!

Wedding Portraits

This is one of my favorite parks in all of Monmouth county! There are many areas to take great wedding portraits at this park so be sure to make a priority list of the areas that you would want to take your photos. I recommend taking group photos at the actual garden area since it is a big open space. The greenhouse and stairs leading up to the trees are a bit narrow for family portraits and bridal party photos.

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